Online Gaming & Gambling

Designed to empower your content delivery and distribution and deliver assured service stability and quality right from the source. Join a network built for this ever-changing industry.

Online Gaming & Gambling

01T will help solve the biggest industry challenges faced today, and tomorrow.

Gaming and gambling have transcended local shops, home setups and native experiences. Online gaming, live streaming and cloud experiences is what gaming and gambling mean today. Your network sits at the heart of these challenges. 01T's Global Network, GNX, is built to overcome such challenges and leave you ahead of the curve, no matter where the industry throws you.

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Level-up user’s experiences

Drive and develop your ideas, empower your gamers and deliver content how your users expect it. Offer a smooth, powerful, buffer-free experience no matter if it's from the sofa or on the move, anywhere in the world.

Say goodbye to lag + jitter.

Almost unlimited capacity, and sub 1m latency across our backbone.

Spikes + surges aren’t a challenge.

100G ports and a network designed to full N+N1 resilience as a minimum.

Deliver cutting edge experiences.

Perfect pairing of latest technology, and market expertise.

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Working closely with

Evolution Gaming

"01T not only came to understand our infrastructure strategy but helped shape it. They have been instrumental in significantly increasing our available bandwidth across the globe; facilitating vast growth in both our studio and land-based casino operations. They have taken on the arduous task of reviewing our many global carrier suppliers, saving my team many hundreds of collective hours and all the while significantly improving the service we have received. 01T are not a vendor or supplier in the traditional sense. Uniquely they have become an extension of my team, gained the trust of techs and commercial heads alike and I foresee many more successful years ahead."

Alex Haywood
Head of IT Business Operations

On Air Entertainment

200 years of collective experience in live casino led by industry pros at the top of their game. Diverse skills and expertise gained at the top level, no compromises, no exceptions. Just pure on air entertainment.

Industry-leading security suite.

The gaming and gambling industries are some of the most targeted businesses in the world. GNX is secure by design, never an afterthought, and maintained by our team of expert engineers. Your revenue streams stay open and everyone is kept safe.

GNX is secure by design.

With DDoS mitigation built into the heart of our network, threat mitigation is central to delivering clean, protected traffic from a continually evolving threat base.

End-to-end visibility.

GNX is our network. We built it, and we manage it in-house by our team of expert engineers. A transparent, accessible network that will never need third parties and is always managed by us, with trained skilled eyes on at all times.

Defend every corner slogan orange and yellow

Content delivery wherever and whenever you need it.

Streaming real-time media, remote studios, post-production, global mobile audiences, on-demand content. The gaming and gambling sector is evolving and growing every day. With the Metaverse around the corner, join a network that is agile, built for edge data delivery, and truly globally reaching.

Where you need it, when you need it.

Almost unlimited capacity, and sub 1m latency across our backbone

Always on.

Deliver uninterrupted digital experiences around the world assured by our fully resilient and diverse global backbone.

Gaming is global, GNX is too.

Our network is borderless and time zones don’t matter.

Agility is everything.

Adopt and scale multiple services from a single port quickly, easily and without the costs, to get your business where it needs to be before it needs to be there.

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