Specialist Connectivity

As a global network MSP we are able to deliver high bandwidth Point to Point and Internet Access services worldwide - all under a single Service Level Agreement.

Our technical design authority team will work with you to consider a range of topology schemes, before outlining the service that will work best for you.

We create these networks based on your unique requirements.

Point to Point

01T Ethernet Line

01T Ethernet Line is a point-to-point LAN-interconnect service supporting the transparent delivery of ethernet frames over a dedicated connection between any two sites.

We can deliver our Ethernet Line product in several different ways with a number of different features to best fit your requirements.
- Unprotected: A geographically defined static route from site to site.
- Protected (Dynamic): A variable route from site to site, which often relies on the restoration capability inherent in an IP/MPLS routed network, providing resilience against a path or device failure.
- Protected (Fixed): Multiple diverse paths from site to site, with defined static routes, configured in active/passive.

Our Ethernet Line is available from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

How it works

Ethernet Line Diagram

Why 01T Ethernet Line


01T’s Ethernet Line are always built to Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards.

Fully transparent.

All L2 Control Protocols are transported transparently without discrimination or modification.

Global reach.

01T’s specialist service portfolio is not limited by a traditional carriers’ network reach - Ethernet Line is available globally.

Get in touch with one of the team if you would like some more information about 01T Ethernet Line and how to best meet your requirements.

01T Wavelength

This is deterministic, low-latency connectivity.

Our Wavelength services provide you with high-capacity, point-to-point Layer 1 transparent optical data connections between two locations.

01T Wavelength offers deterministic performance and is fully transparent to higher level OSI Layer 2, Layer 3 and above protocols.

Benefit from the lowest possible technical levels of jitter and frame loss/bit error rates. Be confident in having low latency that is not subject to variation and is determined largely by the fibre distance between the two end-points.

How it works

Wavelength Diagram

Why 01T Wavelength?

Path Selection.

Our pre-sales team will map out the best physical route for your Wavelength, ensuring diversity and latency objectives are achieved.

Optimised for Video Delivery.

Frame loss/bit error rates and jitter are at the lowest possible technical levels, as befitting an optical multiplexed network.

Fully transparent.

All L2 Control Protocols are transported transparently without discrimination or modification.

01T Dark Fibre

Flexible, Scalable & Secure. Raw Fibre Infrastructure for your Network.

Need near-limitless bandwidth and total flexibility for transmission? 01T Dark Fibre has you covered. We provide you with unlit fibre optic cables between 2 locations, typically deployed as 2 cores of Single Mode fibre but bespoke requirements are available , just get in touch with the team.

How it works

Dark Fibre Diagram

Why 01T Dark Fibre?

Secure & dedicated.

With no intermediate 3rd party equipment, your services are wholly yours, providing you peace of mind and total control.

Flexibility & scale.

Make in-house decisions on technology, deployment, upgrades and equipment maintenance and provide your network with the platform to grow with your requirements.

Global reach & exacting design.

No matter the location or any design limitations, we work with best in class partners to ensure that your needs can be met.

Internet Access

01T IP Transit

High quality, super-fast, global access.

Our IP Transit service is your direct on-ramp to the global IP network. Have complete control over your global routing with BGP - unshackle your network and give your operations teams unparalleled capability in IP function.

We work with best in class Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers to offer you unparalleled reach and route capability - no matter your location or destinations for your traffic. Available at speeds from 100 Mbps, right the way up to 100 Gbps.

How it works

IP Transit Diagram

Why 01T IP Transit?


Enjoy a high-performing network with no compromise on quality.

Supercharged routes.

Globally connected Tier 1 and Tier 2 transit services, provide the fastest routes for any scenario.

Global reach.

01T’s specialist service portfolio is not limited by a traditional carriers’ network reach - IP Transit is available globally.

Direct Internet Access

High quality, super-fast, global access.

Our Direct Internet Access service is a highly resilient IP connectivity solution.

We work with best In class Tier 1 carriers and Internet Exchanges to offer unparalleled reach - no matter your location, we can deliver. At speeds from 100 Mbps, right the way up to 100 Gbps.

How it works

Direct Internet Access Diagram

Why 01T Direct Internet Access?

High performance, no compromise.

Enjoy a high-performing network you can depend on. Never a compromise on quality, always a team of engineers proactively monitoring your service.

Supercharged routes.

Globally connected Tier 1 transit and IX platforms for high-performance peering.

Unrestricted reach.

01T’s specialist service portfolio is not limited by a traditional carriers’ network reach - Direct Internet Access is available globally.

Security Suite

GNX DDoS Protection

Secure your network without compromising on speed or performance with our enterprise DDoS attack protection service.

Our DDoS Protection service offers continual protection of your entire IP network and any attack directed at your infrastructure. Protection is extended to any publicly addressable IP address associated with a protected internet service. Traffic analysers are present on network ingress points to analyse, detect & drop illegitimate traffic before reaching the customer edge. Our DDoS protection therefore provides defence against multiple DDoS attacks.

Secure your network with 01T’s enterprise DDoS attack protection service, without compromising speed or performance.

When an attack is detected, filtering actions are taken including dropping of suspicious traffic, to protect the infrastructure in question. No customer rerouting, proxying or tunnelling is required in the event of an attack.

The service is defined by standard network bandwidth measures of ‘clean traffic’ with a minimum commit of 100 Mbps.

How it works

DDoS Protection Diagram

Why GNX DDoS Protection?

Always on.

Continual protection of your network to minimise downtime and bolster application performance.

No limits.

The 01T DDoS Protection service provides coverage for an unlimited number of attack events regardless of prior mitigations.

Fully automated.

Mitigation is triggered automatically within seconds of a DDoS attack being detected, with no manual intervention required.

GNX MACSec Enccryption

Security without compromise.

Our MACSec Encryption service can be deployed on any optical GNX Site Connect or DC Connect, or Specialist portfolio P2P Ethernet Line or Wavelength Services. MACSec encryption is a Layer 2 P2P encryption protocol design to reduce encryption overhead and improve performance. Deployed using per-service dedicated cryptography-enabled hardware, providing end-to-end peace of mind, while limiting operational complexity and both performance and management overheads.

Want to manage your own MACSec Encryption? Our optical based 01T Site Connect and DC Connect Servicessupport MACSec end-to-end as standard. Find out more here.

Why GNX MACSec Encryption?

The complicated made simple.

Achieving end-to-end encryption over Carrier Ethernet Networks made easy. You manage the keys, we manage the encryption.

No performance compromises.

By encrypting at layer 2 MACSec ensures minimal impact to latency, jitter and other important performance metrics.


Unify your in-transit encryption mechanism across all services, agnostic of underlying carrier.

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