First customer migration onto GNeX

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We are delighted to announce that we have successfully migrated the first 01T client onto Global Network Exchange (GNeX). 

The leading live casino provider, based at a prestigious UK location, were looking to upgrade the bandwidth on their existing connectivity services and establish new connections into their Cloud environments. This was to allow for significant expansion following the unprecedented boost in the online gaming and gambling industry during the pandemic period.

Online gaming and gambling operators require high capacity, low latency network services to provide end-users with a jitter-free, real-time experience in any country, any time, and on any device. It is a growing necessity that online providers utilise more intelligent, agile and reliable connectivity services to satisfy the expectations of their global gaming audiences in their advancing volumes. Volume alone is not the only challenge, though. Users demand higher fidelity and production value, once again putting pressure on bandwidth. 

GNX was the optimum solution to meet the growing demands of an international online gambling content provider. 

What made GNeX the optimal solution? 

  • Ease of consuming multiple high capacity services
  • Scalability
  • Low latency and jitter-free performance

The nature of our client’s expanding operations means that they need to consume multiple services across the globe - in this case, they need direct connectivity to their cloud, to their Data Centres and, of course, to the internet. Establishing and maintaining high-quality service to these core connections without GNeX, and instead via multiple providers would traditionally be a hugely complicated and costly operation.  

Add these requirements to the skyrocketing demand and boom in the online gambling industry, and their challenges intensify.  

Not only would traditional connectivity services drain too many resources, but it would also be too slow. To act with agility in their marketplace - a trait more crucial now than ever - our client’s global network needs to be highly agile and scalable, too. For organisations that rely so heavily on their network infrastructure, missing opportunities caused by a complicated and rigid network infrastructure is a disappointing and frustrating prospect. It is the last thing they should be focusing time and resources on overcoming.

 Delivering scalable and high-performance connectivity services with ease and flexibility are two of GNeX’s features that solves these challenges for our client. 

What was delivered? 

For this solution, we brought GNeX to the customer. This meant providing dual 10G edge ports within their London casino, and diverse fibre via separate building entry points for added resilience. Uptime is key for any content provider, especially those that are providing real-time content, so we ensured the maximum level of diversity was designed. Multiple logical connectivity services were then configured to these ports - providing secure, low latency, high capacity and scalable connections to their key cloud and data centre locations as well as the internet. 

Find out more about GNeX scalability and 100G services soon.


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