The first multiple 100G ports go live on GNeX

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Following our successful customer migrations onto GNX over the last couple of months, we are delighted to now announce the go-live of the first multiple 100G customer ports on GNeX.

GNeX has been deployed into a leading quantitative research and technology firm’s new global headquarters in central London. 

For some of you - this move might sound surprising. Wasn’t everybody scaling down their office contracts and moving to the cloud?

Not all. Relocating global analysts to a London HQ was the proactive step our client needed to take at an opportune time. Amongst many other benefits, the design of GNX offers you the ability to focus more time and attention on your core business function, and be proactive to the tumultuous current marketplace, rather than investing resources into managing a complicated network. So, when the time was right, our client could seamlessly transfer to a London HQ with a stronger, simpler and streamlined global network. 

Stronger, simpler and streamlined - what does this look like?

We brought the power of GNX into this HQ - allowing for multi 100G ports to be provided on day 1. GNeX in-office provides them with low latency, high performance, and high capacity connectivity services to their key environments - cloud, internet and data centres. They require no other provider, product or outsourcing to feed their critical connections across the globe and have us on hand at any time of the day.

01T is a team of engineers who believe in exceptional service. That’s why we put product and delivery on the same plane.

Interested to know more information about GNeX, its features, and what it will offer you? Keep an eye out for exciting updates coming soo



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