01T activates low latency services from Seoul

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01T is delighted to announce the activation of their first service into the KT Yeouido Data Centre in Seoul, providing low latency (215ms to Frankfurt), high capacity connectivity services to support their customers in the financial services and data intelligence sectors.

About KT Data Centre

KT Yeouido Data Centre sits in the heart of Korea’s financial industry and has been specifically designed to cater to the financial sector who requires the highest levels of security and speed.

The new 01T service, therefore, has been strategically designed to cater toward this sector and further expand its footprint in Asia. 01T is specialised in providing complex, tailored and global connectivity solutions to organisations reliant on moving large amounts of data quickly, securely, and with flexibility. GNX, the fully owned and managed global network of 01T's, is designed to provide multi-services with fast turn-ups, exceptional service, and complete visibility and flexibility. The expansion into Seoul extends this capability and marks another exciting milestone in the ongoing development of GNX. Find out more about GNX here, and how Gateway Edge and Gateway Port revolutionises global connectivity.

KT Yeouido Data Centre sits beside the River Han in a sunset filled Seoul. Taken by one of the 01T team.


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