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Global Network Exchange

A new high-capacity network that offers you truly global reach with simplicity and flexibility, backed by exceptional service.

Zer0 Complexity, 1 Provider, Total agility.

The world connected with speed and simplicity.

Once established on GNX, you have access to the world’s connectivity within moments and without the complexity. One port with GNX gives you the capability to reach anywhere in the world, on any service - IP Transit, Ethernet Services, DDoS, DC to DC connectivity, Cloud connect and more. With speeds from 100M to 100G, we’re one of the most agile operators around.

Accelerate time to market.

Feed your business with the critical connections it needs in hours, not months. Embrace the freedom to grow and adapt your business without being restricted by network limitations – GNX is already there. When the time is right, the new or expanded service is yours in moments

Focus on what matters most.

GNX strengthens, simplifies and streamlines your global network which gives you back time and resources otherwise spent on managing a complicated, unreliable and high maintenance global network.

Future proof your network.

We’re already one step ahead of you. The suite of services available to you with GNX at the speed at which they can be deployed means you have ability to deliver your business the capability it needs no matter what’s thrown at it. Moving to the cloud? That’s easy. Relocating HQ to Kazakhstan? Simple. 100G+ services? No problem.

Compare traditional connectivity

to GNX capabilities, service and standards.

Long delivery lead times - 90 working days.

Superfast provisioning - within 5 working days.

Narrow performance parameters.

Adaptable architecture that supports all protocols.

Off-net provider management teams.

Provider agnostic - live interconnects with 8 leading connectivity providers.

GNX is built for tomorrow's unknowns.

GNX is a solution we built today that is designed for tomorrow. GNX’s technical capability and truly global reach means that no matter where your business goes, you will always be ahead of the curve.

Start small and scale.

GNX offers services from 100M to100G. Whenever you need to expand your services, anywhere in the world, you can. Need new regional transit? No issue. Need connections to Azure? it’s done. Need high-capacity diverse services with an always on guarantee? No problem.
Start small and scale when you need it, easily, without fuss.

Be ready for marketplace changes.

No one was expecting the seismic shifts in connectivity that came from the pandemic. Be resilient and ready to adapt your network in an instant whenever the marketplace demands you to.
In fact, be ahead of it.

Single port, multiple services.

A single port can deliver multiple services quickly and simultaneously. Take multiple ports in multiple locations for services delivered anywhere

We come to you leveraging the power of Gateway Edge.

Through GNX Gateway Edge, services which were once only available to an elite few through Data Centres are now available on-premise. Delivered and managed by a team of expert engineers 24/7.

Connectivity just got simpler still. 

Forget about
data centre footprints.

GNX revolutionises ‘‘more datacentres = more capability.’ We bring GNX to you. Simply take our GNX port and install it on your premises. This means the services you would only be able to access from a specific, expensive and hard to reach data centre, just arrived at reception.
No one else can distribute data connect services in the edge for you like we can.

Expertly managed.

GNX is our network. We designed it, we built it and we manage it in-house. We are a team of engineers who believe in exceptional service. Bringing the edge to your premises means expert maintenance of your network with minimal hardware and full control.

End to end SLA.

Delivering GNX to your premise just cut your Data Centre bills. Backed by single provider SLA’s and end to end service delivery ownership, GNX removes typical internet service provider headaches and replaces stuffy service management with refreshingly simple service delivery.

Compare traditional connectivity

to GNX capabilities, service and standards.

10G as standard with 100G as bespoke.

100G as standard.

Tier 1 IP Network with preference to carry traffic across own network.

Tier 2 IP Network with blended transit via multiple upstreams.

1:1 service to port ratio results in higher cost.

Realise cost efficiencies through consolidation.

Unlock global connectivity. Send us a message.

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Zer0 Complexity, 1 Provider, Total agility.


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