Why iGaming needs more intelligent network solutions - and how to get them

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World events have caused an explosion in the popularity of live virtual Casino and RNG gaming, a trend that has soared as a result of Covid-19. The market was expected to value at over 95 billion dollars in 2024 (pre Coronavirus), so it is reasonable to predict the figure could be significantly higher.

iGaming is skyrocketing

So what are we saying here? Online gaming and gambling is soaring, and it will continue to skyrocket for the foreseeable future.

But what are we, as a specialist network provider, actually saying? Well, network connectivity has played a pivotal role in the momentous growth in demand. The result? We now need more intelligent, agile and reliable networking to satisfy the expectations of the global gaming audiences in their advancing volumes. Volume alone is not the only challenge. Users demand higher fidelity & production value, once again putting pressure on bandwidth.

In this article, we cover the crucial components needed to achieve optimum connectivity required for sustaining this prized and profitable industry.

Your connection to the iGaming Capitals

Malta and Gibraltar have triumphantly established themselves as the capitals of the iGaming sector thanks to the innovative and robust gaming legislative framework which was passed in 2004 and 2005. A leader and a world-renowned regulator, the Malta Gaming Authority (the 'MGA') is considered as a flagship authority within the gaming industry.

Some of the industry's most prominent players such as Paddy Power Betfair and Betsson have made a home in these regions, which act as links to Europe for several Latin American and Asian companies. There are over 250 iGaming companies in place in Malta, and the number is only climbing.

Although both Malta & Gibraltar are favourable homes for Gaming organisations, they are less than optimal as a location for video and content distribution. It is critical that you can establish routes to these capitals in order to provide high capacity, ultra-low latency and diverse solutions to & from Europe's internet distribution Capitals (London, Frankfurt & Amsterdam).

01T specialise in providing gaming organisations with highly optimised and competitive connectivity solutions off of these two islands in the Mediterranean.

Malta - a capital of iGaming and online gambing

How do you achieve this?

As small island territories, both Malta & Gibraltar have limited and often prohibitively expensive connectivity to mainland Europe.

01T's network, based on highly optimised Optical Wavelengths providing low latency, ultra-high bandwidth circuits between Amsterdam in the North and Malta & Gibraltar in the South will help you overcome this challenge.

You can find out more about this network here or check out our network map to discover other global routes.

Beyond the iGaming Capitals?

01T's studio in a box provides everything you need to launch a remote studio anywhere in the world. Whether it's a live stream from one the world's most exclusive resort Casinos or a brand new production studio - 01T will design and deploy a fully managed, video optimised connectivity solution. A solution that utilises our customised SD-WAN overlay, so you will no longer need to worry about getting your streams to your distribution hub. Just set up the cameras and we'll take care of the rest.

As a specialist in gaming and live video, our connectivity solutions are never generic and always built to meet your exacting needs.

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