Specialist Network Provider 01T launches highly optimised South American Routes

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There has been an explosion in South America on two fronts: interest in accessing capital markets, alongside a boom in consumer digitised services.

In particular, Brazil (often cited as an emerging markets miracle) has become a hugely attractive destination for North American and European businesses. The B3 Stock exchange, located in Sao Paulo, has proven a popular index for traditionally European & North American Capital Markets players looking for new investment opportunities.


Beyond commercial, digitisation in public and private life across the continent is booming. To provide some context: By 2021, it is thought that over 40% of the region’s GDP will be digitised.

Digital video content has skyrocketed.

We can expect nearly half of the continent’s population to be faithful digital video viewers by 2023. Artificial intelligence will power more than 50% of new businesses in Latin America by 2025, especially in Brazil.These are only a handful of examples.

Transformations in digitalisation means transformations in cultural and social areas, too: Improved employment, healthcare, banking and reduced threat of corruption. However, there has so far been a lack of transformation in the infrastructure that supports these shifts.  

While mobile connectivity has catapulted, Latin America is suffering from deficiencies in high capacity internet connectivity, mainly limited bandwidth availability and a lack of data routing prioritisation. On top of this, is the traditional high maintenance cost embedded in far too complicated network architectures through the region. The majority of traffic must go through Miami and other US connections before reaching its destination in South America. This is unnecessarily costly in both latency performance and money.  

The benefits of digital transformation in the region are glaring. Major tech companies are expanding into South America to jump on these shifts. And Governments are opening up rules and regulations to encourage the use of AI and digitalised processes.

As the expansion of customer reach and digitalised pursuits continually advances, the demand for effective network solutions follows closely behind.

To fulfil the ever-increasing demand and tackle head-on some of the region’s biggest connectivity problems, we have expanded our network into South America.


The 01T network has been engineered to offer the lowest latencies available for WAN connectivity. Our high capacity, dedicated wavelengths, offer optimised routes between London and Sao Paulo with an RTT of just 176ms.

Our South American network operates on dual and diverse submarine cable systems:

  1. Seabras-1

Seabras-1 is the lowest latency submarine cable system that directly connects commercial and financial centres between Brazil and the USA. No other system provides a lower latency POP to POP solution between North and South America. In addition to the lowest latency, the system also has fewer active elements, which means less downtime.

Its direct path with no intermediary landing stations runs from Praia Grande, Brazil to Wall Township (NJ), USA.

2.    GlobeNet

This subsea cable network spans more than 23,500 km.

01T now provides low latency and high bandwidth routes into Rio (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela), Hamilton (Bermuda), Bogata (Columbia) and Miami (Florida).

Our opening up of direct routes from North America and Europe into Brazil and its neighbours serve several industries. It equips them with high bandwidth, low latency routes that are crucially required to power the ever-growing appetite for connectivity into the region.


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