What is Layer 1 Optical Encryption and what are its benefits?

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What is it, and why do we need it?

Layer 1 Optical Encryption - or as we call it at 01T, Light Encrypt - secures in-flight data in the layer 1 (OSI: physical) of the network as it travels across fibre-optic cables. It is one of the most secure in-transit encryption mechanisms of any security methodology and has significant operational benefits when appraised against traditional layer 1 & 2 encryption tools (MACSec & IPSec for example).

Our data is increasingly on the move. The distances at which it is being carried is growing, travelling across 10G, 100G and 200G waves to span cities, countries and seas. We continue to move away from traditional enterprise setups: Remote workforces are developing in size and frequency, and utilisation of cloud applications, IoT and remote ingests continually soars. What does this mean? Our data is spending more time than ever in-transit.

Increase of data in motion = increased security threat.

Our firewalls, antivirus software and intrusion detection technology - the measures that protect out data at rest - although still significant, perhaps do not present as much utility as before. Our data is not locked down inside company walls and data centres as much as it used to be. It’s ever moving. 

Which is why cybercriminals are turning their attention to the networks that connect office/cloud to data centre, as a way of obtaining sensitive and lucrative data.

For organisations transporting highly sensitive data, such as Financial services and governmental bodies, optical encryption is imperative.

Encryption at the speed of light

Light Encrypt shields every layer of the network stack. Since it acts on the physical layer, everything must flow through it before heading anywhere else, which means everything gets encrypted. Consequently, no information can be transmitted in an unencrypted state. The duty of encryption no longer lies at the application, data or network layer - Light Encrypt provides with a capture all.

The 01T solution is a transparent, wire-speed service that uses advanced encryption standards for maximum security. This means those that require maximum network security such as financial institutions, governmental bodies, military systems, and healthcare organisations can transmit their classified information between data centres with confidence.


There have been traditional in-transit data encryption solutions available for some time now. However, they do present some connectivity issues. Aside from the pivotal role of shielding in-transit data, Light Encrypt avoids these issues and offers further benefits:

- Full data protection. This protects data at the lowest level thereby saving the higher layers too.

- Protocol-agnostic hardware-based encryption with the lowest latency possible and 100% throughput. Our Light Encrypt solution secures your in-motion data at line speeds up to 600Gbit/s, with an operational effort at bare minimum and performance levels at a maximum.

- A strictly separated encryption domain manager to make the solution obedient to the most rigorous regulatory requirements

- Approved by governmental bodies for the transport of classified data

- Full integration into standard public key infrastructure, which reduces security risks associated with business processes.

- Easy to use with automated processes for ordinarily complex and time-consuming tasks such as key generation and rotation, mutual authentication and services creation. 

- Supplementary or stand-alone security hardware is not required

- Additional network applications are not needed

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