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Samuel Morse sent his first telegram 180 years ago; since then billions of conversations, transactions and stories have flown around the world.

Telecommunications infrastructure is vast and sometimes unreliable – consistency and efficiency is needed in the parts of the network that matter to you.

01T are a specialist network provider. If you have a problem we can solve it.

We won’t try and take your business on a journey or blind you with buzzwords. We simply provide a tailored, reliable service that works. We do this by focussing on detail. Every raw fibre strand matters, and so does every interaction with you, our partners.

Networks should be more than a physical service. We believe in providing an exceptional experience from the very first phone call. Our departments are led by experienced experts, who constantly refine their processes and guide their specialist teams to greatness.

We’ve connected businesses from London to Hong Kong to the Hebrides and beyond. We did this by using 21st Century tools to supercharge the system.

Drop us an email, or pick up the phone. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.



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Need to get in touch?
UK: +44-207 186 0101
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