Gaming and Network Infrastructure in Africa

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Data from Africa no longer has to pass through Europe to get to America. The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connecting Angola to Brazil is ready for commercial traffic; the project by Angola Cables is one of the most advanced submarine telecommunications systems in the world.

Data will fly from Luanda in Angola to Fortaleza in Brazil with a latency of just 63ms, on cables manufactured by NEC Corporation. Latency between Luanda and Miami will be about 128 milliseconds. Onward connections from Angola to Cape Town such as the new Monet Cable  and the West Africa Cable System (WACS) will also have reduced latency thanks to the SACS, bringing South Africa and America closer together.

The PEACE cable (Pakistan East Africa Cable Express) is set for completion before 2020, thanks to joint investment from the Chinese companies Huawei and Global Marine Systems Limited. PEACE will be managed by PCCW Global. The IOX cable will soon connect South Africa to India via Mauritius and the AWE cable Australia West Express will link Djibouti with Australia.

Africa is online. Previously the continent had a relatively low level of digital investment compared to other parts of the world. That's changing. Smart investment is adding to the digital economy and new subsea cables and infrastructure arrive every year.

Creating reliable and secure Point to Point and other networks requires diligence and considered design, often involving multiple technologies. We've thought a lot about the potential of gaming in Africa and have invested in our expert design team and built relationships with the very best supply chain partners.

01T work with the industry’s leading content providers and we know how to get results for the gaming sector. From augmented live video to innovative omnichannel games, we’ll design a network that suits your product.

We create networks based on your requirements, working with trusted carriers and consider a range of topology schemes before designing the infrastructure you need.

And you won’t need to deal with difficult carriers. Instead, a member of our team will work as your dedicated 01T client manager, taking care of the process from start to finish.

Our team will work with you to understand your business and design physical infrastructure to support your gaming frameworks. Whether on wavelengths, Ethernet or even satellite we will find the best solutions for your products.

We focus specifically on predictable packet delivery for H.264, HLS and other video streaming protocols, ensuring your networking infrastructure assets are up to the task. By deploying Optical Wavelengths and fixed Ethernet technologies we are able to deliver lower latency, minimal jitter and complete site continuity through extensive resiliency and diversity planning.

All 01T network services are 100% uncontended (1:1), synchronous and designed to your requirements. Our Wide Area Ethernet products are all MEF compliant and adhere to stringent quality and protocol compatibility standards.


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