DAZN and 01T: A Case Study

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Who are DAZN?

DAZN is a ground-breaking live and on-demand sports streaming service, giving sports fans the control and flexibility to watch their sports, their way. Satellite dishes and cables are not required. Sports fans simply download the DAZN app and have unlimited access to watch the widest array of sports on multiple devices at home or on the go, all for an affordable monthly fee.

As one of the fastest-growing sports media companies in the world, DAZN features more than 25,000 sporting events a year and is live across four continents in key markets including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany and Brazil.

DAZN + 01T

As perhaps one of the most exciting broadcasters in the world, DAZN’s mission is to deliver the drama of sport to their subscriber base, wherever they are and to whatever device they wish. By its very nature global sport is a geographically distributed medium: networks are required from arenas and stadiums to content distribution hubs and post-production facilities, back to distribution hubs and ultimately to the screens of subscribers around the globe.

Providing this service to a demanding, mobilised, cable cutting generation requires highly optimised global network assets. The challenge DAZN was facing centred around this.

In order to maintain and expand user base in diverse locations, they needed to be able to deliver consistently high quality video content in a way that matched their service model: sporting matches happen at varying times across the world, which cause demand surges and spikes across the planet at any given moment. Behind this business challenge, then, sits a fit-for-purpose network, built to enable their service goals.

In 2018, DAZN realised an off-the-shelf network infrastructure solution would not be able to solve their challenge. Challenges within connectivity options available themselves emerged, and it was clear no existing portal was capable of understanding the complex requirements of a global distribution of live video over IP. They needed a tailored network design with true proactive service management in order to facilitate their ambitious and advancing global services.

Enter 01T

What they needed was a specialist network provider. A provider who they can rely on for:

  • Predictable high performance
  • Global SLA’s
  • Every service aligned to MEF
  • A design-led approach to build a finely tuned network system
  • A solution not limited by country borders or hard to reach locations
  • Complete diversity assurance

We work closely with  DAZN to truly understand their needs. As a network operator specialising in content delivery and distribution, our market expertise allows us to develop a precise and detailed design built using a deep understanding of the industry challenges they face generally, and those specific to their business goals. Partnering with 01T provides DAZN with the features of a connectivity provider they were missing as detailed above. We deliver them the same high-performance network, regardless of location or territory.

What does this mean? DAZN has a network with complete diversity assurance, backed by SLA, anywhere in the world. Diversity was the item that other carrier providers were not prioritising, and was the aspect critical to the needs of DAZN. Now, they can continue to scale, grow and deliver content across the world with absolute confidence in their network.

The DAZN + 01T partnership currently consists of multiple high capacity Wavelength & Ethernet Line circuits spanning international borders. These high performing Point to Point services are supplemented by Direct Internet Access & IP Transit at core data centre distribution facilities in 6 different countries, totalling over 400 Gbps of capacity under management.

As a global provider able to serve clients across six continents, no matter how urgent or geographically diverse, DAZN can rely on 01T to design a solution that works for them.

The 01T partnership goes beyond a typical transactional relationship. We are an extraordinarily ambitious organisation with equally ambitious operational requirements. A strong network means I can provide the business with the necessary foundations for growth.
Christian Deschanel
Head of Networks and Data Centres, DAZN

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