01T successfully launch 3 key expansions in the USA

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01T adds two key Stock Exchange Data Centre's to growing POPs.

In an unmarked building on a street corner in New Jersey, sit the servers that move trades on the New York Stock Exchange. 40 miles south are the servers for NASDAQ - the second-largest stock exchange in the world. 01T is excited to announce that they are now live in both with ultra-low latency and high capacity services.

The ever growing demand for ultra-low latency connectivity is reshaping the trading and financial industries. As the need to execute trades microseconds ahead of rivals grows, more and more financial organisations are looking for servers as close as possible to where trade is moved.

In addition, the global nature of financial services and data analytics markets means a growing demand for unique, secure and agile data transportation. Our dedicated connections securely route orders to NYSE equities and options markets, ICE futures markets, and a host of other leading liquidity venues around the world.

Delivering 01T connectivity right from the heart of America’s finance community furthers the commitment to better serve the global Financial Services & Data Intelligence community and those that rely on intelligent connectivity in and out of this region. Home to the world’s largest stock exchange, New York is a crucial area in 01T's North America expansion and will instantly benefit customers in the immediate region and surrounding areas. Alex Lower, CEO at 01T comments:

''Our mission at 01T is to redefine international connectivity for those that rely on content delivery and distribution, currently suffering from convoluted network designs, poor customer service and a lack of understanding in what is needed in their connectivity. Adding these routes to our portfolio offers companies the safest gateways to global markets, an unparalleled approach to customer experience, and the speed of delivery they need, which we believe will be a welcomed alternative to the financial sector in the US.”

Ashburton Data Centre live for 01T

Ashburn, the Data Centre Capital of the World. Where more than 70% of the world's internet traffic passes through, over 12 million square feet in size, the first in the world to surpass 1 gigawatt of overall data centre capacity, and now another POP to add to the growing US footprint of 01T's.

Ashburn is critical to global cloud connectivity. We are excited to add this to our portfolio to continue benefiting clients around the world as IT transformation continues to shake up connectivity demands. Asides from this and benefiting the region’s expanding financial communities, this expansion equips us with further global scale, reach and agility so that we can continue to satisfy the growing consumer demand for network connectivity as a whole. 

Find out more about how Global Network, and how we support the Financial Services & Data intelligence marketplaces here.



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