01T revolutionises the way networking is consumed with the launch of GNeX

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Last month, it was announced that 01T and CXS merged organisations. The former, a specialist network provider, set out in 2009 to change the connectivity marketplace with a portfolio of specialist connectivity products. CXS, a UK focused network operator, has been raising the technical standard within carrier networks with their UK wide network since 2013. 

The merged organisations, now trading under 01T, set out to revolutionise international network connectivity and realise their shared vision: To bring the world on-net and become the natural place for businesses to exchange data across international boundaries. 

Following the successful merger 01T have today announced the launch and go-live of their new network, Global Network Exchange. Branded GNeX, the Global Network Exchange is designed and built to deliver global connectivity with speed and simplicity, backed by exceptional service.

“GNeX is a purpose-built international connectivity network, leveraging and building upon our existing high capacity carrier infrastructure. GNeX will enable our customers and partners to connect to the services, platforms and content they need to, anywhere in the world. We are perfectly positioned to launch this new carrier network, and forge our names on the international connectivity stage,” said Tobias Hooton, CTO.

GNeX offers new and existing clients a solution for multi-service, high capacity global networking without the cost and confusion often associated with global connectivity. The objective of shifting the industry norm and providing exceptional service to clients is an ethos that has been shared between the joined companies since their inception. It prevails as a central feature in their advancing strategy and will be further realised through the delivery of GNeX.

More information about GNeX and what it can offer you will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the team.


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