01T Lights Up City Clients With Connectivity At Interxion LON3

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01T, a specialist global network provider to firms who need serious networking capabilities, announced today that it has added the Interxion’s LON3 location to its growing network. Strategically positioned between the Square Mile and Tech City, LON3 will significantly boost 01T’s presence for their City based clients including many leading FinTech firms. Being in the heart of London also opens up capacity for their media clients in and around Shoreditch. Daniel Deak, COO, 01T stated;

“Location, space, power and security are the foundations of choosing the right location. After an extensive review of data centres in London, LON3 quickly became our premier choice. As we continue to build out bespoke networks on a one-to-one basis it's vital that our DC partners meet our incredibly high service levels - we're confident that we've found this in the Interxion team and LON3 site.”

This addition to the 01T network footprint is part of a planned expansion by the company during 2019.

Interxion CEO David Ruberg commented during the launch event at London City Hall .

“These data centres are being built where customers are. You need to go to a place where you have the maximum opportunity for direct access to your customers, with the consistency and response time that these people are accustomed to. That’s all right here.”

Interxion operates more than 45 data centres across 11 countries. Even though the company describes itself as exclusively European, the majority of its customers are American businesses that are looking to establish a ‘beachhead’ on the continent.

The £30M refurb to the campus in London is unusual since it offers colocation space in the centre of the city, where property prices are at a considerable premium. Due to its location, LON3 is aimed primarily at connectivity providers serving the financial sector, advertising and media industries.




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