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Brighton, UK. Release: November 12th 2020

01 Telecom Limited (Trading as 01T) and CXS Connected Enterprise Limited (CXS) have announced today the merger of both organisations. The two operations will merge in their entirety and will trade under the singular 01T brand from the new year.

The merger enables the company to realise its ambitious vision to re-write the rules of international network connectivity and launch their new Global Network Exchange platform. Currently, the international network connectivity market works in months, not days, with overly complex processes resulting in a poor customer experience. Building on an already recognised and established business, 01T are committed to revolutionising the way the market operates; by providing global coverage alongside exceptional service.

CXS brings outstanding technical competence, a high capacity carrier network, strong UK data centre footprint and channel offering to the Group. Combined with the mature operational capability of 01T, its growing international presence, and enviable customer base, this provides a strong synergy between the two companies embarking on their ambitious plans as one.

01T has been successfully guided through multiple high-growth years under the leadership of Alex Lower, who will continue to lead the organisation post-merger as Chief Executive Officer. Leading beside him is Daniel Deak as Chief Operations Officer, Tobias Hooton as Chief Technology Officer and Kenneth Runcorn as Chief Financial Officer. The extended company has received private equity investment from a UK based investment firm, TECHNEDs Investments LLP, which sees Iain McKenzie and Simon Mewett join as Non-Executive Directors, with the former becoming the Group Chairman.

“As the demand for robust, high capacity global network connectivity continues to skyrocket, and the value of infrastructure and data centre grows, reach and service has never been more important. This merger provides us with the platform to realise our vision of bringing the world on-net, and becoming the natural place for businesses to exchange data across international boundaries. I am exceptionally excited to bring the two teams together and re-write the rules of international network connectivity,” said Alex Lower, CEO.

The combined business will launch their globally capable carrier ethernet network, the Global Network Exchange (GNX) in early 2021, initially bringing 103 countries on-net, with 100 Gbps ports as standard. 01T strives to become the de-facto international connectivity partner for those who expect more from their connectivity providers.

“GNX is a purpose-built international connectivity network, leveraging and building upon our existing high capacity carrier infrastructure. GNX will enable our customers and partners to connect to the services, platforms and content they need to, anywhere in the world. We are perfectly positioned to launch this new carrier network, and forge our names on the international connectivity stage,” said Tobias Hooton, CTO.

Existing clients will benefit from additional technical capabilities and services, and a larger team of experts to support them, to complement the high-quality existing 01T service. The objective of shifting the industry norm and providing an exceptional service to clients is an ethos that has been shared between the joining companies since their inception. It prevails as a central feature in their advancing strategy.

A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that definitive agreements completed on Thursday, October 22nd, and the operations and staff of CXS are in unification with 01T at present. For media and press queries, please contact annie.cross@01t.co.uk and for general inquiries, please visit the 01T website.



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