01T Continues Global Network Expansion

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01T Network Expansion

Global Specialist Network Provider 01T continues its ambitious network expansion programme with the launch of their highly optimised North-South European backbone & South American Commercial Network.

Under extraordinarily challenging conditions, today 01T announces that the next stage of their 2020 network expansion programme has completed. In an effort to become the worlds first desirable Telco, 01T have designed and deployed a European North-South Network explicitly tailored to the transmission of live video delivery and associated workstreams.

Live video is perhaps one of the most demanding enterprise application of WAN network technologies. Generic carrier ethernet solutions have so far underserved this increasingly important market. 01T have designed their network based on highly optimised Optical Wavelengths providing low latency, ultra-high bandwidth circuits between Amsterdam in the North and Malta in the South.

"This is an exciting milestone on our network expansion journey. Earlier this year we completed the upgrade of our South American to Europe routes providing extremely low latency connectivity to global financial institutions with desks across Europe, North America & into the emerging market of Brazil. I am now pleased to extend our capacity and welcome video content distributors onto our new European North-South network.

Although we find ourselves in the most unpredictable trading conditions in 01T's history, we have identified a positive relationship between the global slowdown of people movement and IP network consumption. We have all become increasingly dependant on IP connectivity to work, communicate and access entertainment - the importance of highly performant network infrastructure has never been greater.

I am therefore excited to meet the challenge of delivering rapid network expansion, as our clients realign their operations to serve a more distributed workforce and clientele."

Alex Lower, CEO

The 01T European North-South Network connects the following cities & Cloud Infrastructure Providers to the already connected hubs of London, Paris & Amsterdam;

  • Luqa, Malta
  • Catania, Italy
  • Rome, Italy
  • Milan, Italy
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Munich, Germany
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • AWS Europe (Frankfurt) Region
  • AWS Europe (London) Region
  • AWS Europe (Ireland) Region
  • Google Cloud (Europe West 1 - Belgium)
  • Google Cloud (Europe West 2 - Frankfurt)
  • Google Cloud (Europe West 3 - London)

Network Map

The 01T 2020 network expansion programme continues with upcoming connectivity provision into The Nordics & Iceland, North America and the Caucasus region.

For organisations who are dependent on network infrastructure to serve their customers, securing a consistent quality of connectivity regardless of location is paramount. The strategy to expand the capability of highly specialised network services into underserved territories and markets makes 01T a natural partner for them to accomplish that.

Interested in learning about other 01T connected cities and regions? Visit the 01T Network Map

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