01T are a specialist network provider.

We’re like lots of disruptive tech businesses - founded because of a frustration at the way things are done now, and powered by a belief that they can be done better.

I often reflect that our industry began in 1839 and sometimes service levels can seem a little Victorian.

The last few years of 01T have been intense. I’ve built a team around me of some of the smartest and most experienced experts in the sector. We’ve collectively pushed to make a difference. Focussing only on designing the best networks and giving our customers 21st century tools to be in control.

We’ve connected businesses across the world, everywhere from London to Hong Kong to the Hebrides.

And, since I founded 01T, it’s been staggering to see the explosion in global digital content. People expect their films, games, financial data or communications to be available on demand, at all times, in any location and on every device we have.

It’s been a daily thrill accepting challenges from our clients to make this happen for them.

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Alex Lower

01T Co-Founder

Meet the Leadership Team


Alex Lower is the co-founder and CEO of 01T, which he started with Mark Lower in 2009. Alex sets the company’s strategy of designing bespoke international networks and drives the mission to provide the quality experience never before seen in the industry.

Originally from London, on his 20th birthday, Alex left his studies at the University of Bath to begin the journey.

Non-Executive Chairman

As a founding member of the company, Mark now heads up the Board of 01T. Advising on key policy decisions and high level strategy planning.

Mark enjoyed 29 years at BT. Leaving in 2004 from his position as Director, Commercial & New Business Development with BT Wholesale to lead a management buyout of a BT subsidiary business to create Evoxus. This grew quickly to become one of the leading providers of Hosted PBX services in the UK, eventually being acquired by InTechnology in 2007.


Daniel helps define the 01T strategy and is responsible for the day to day operations of the business.

With over a decade of experience in systems and infrastructure, Daniel has held both technical and commercial positions with leading corporate operators and high growth start ups alike.


As Director, Clive’s role covers the management of some of 01T’s most well-known clients as well as engaging with new business opportunities.

With more than 20 years experience of managing international clients, partners and staff within the IT, Financial Services and Telco industries, in 2005 Clive left his position as Account Director at Colt Technology and founded Zenhound Communications. Responsible for all aspects of account management for over 200 customers, Zenhound was later acquired by 01T and is now fully integrated.


Having held senior roles in BT Marketing & Sales, Customer Service Operations, Network Management and Commercial Management have enabled Ken to steer 01T through a period of rapid and profitable growth.

Focusing on the tight control of supply chain and internal costs has provided customers with great value services that are tailored to their precise needs, adding real value to both our customers' businesses and the company.


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